About Me

It’s like that scene in Akira where he falls from the ceiling spilling his guts on the floor. Well, not exactly that scene, but the moment your mom walked in while you had it paused on that scene... her jaw dropped and told you that you're never watching that shit again as she took the tape, chucked it and slammed the door. 

You snuck out of your room that night and jacked the VHS out the trash while she was sleeping cause you knew it was a vibe... something special... that edge…

It’s the ability to capture this vibe - a moment in time that unlocks the imagination of a limitless generation that Ian is capable of through harnessing a vast repertoire of mixed media, technology, and a constant exploration of trial and failure.

His ability to express the excitement of a pre-internet gen kid seeing technology finally catching up with their imagination, unlocking the endless possibilities of the shattering of time and space with the future at his fingertips is what you feel as a viewer of his work.

Ian invites you to come along for a trip on the razor blades edge...

...Mom's asleep, let's ride.

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Cinema 4D, Redshift, Marvelous Designer, Octane, Fusion 360, Zbrush, Unreal Engine, Houdini, X-Particles, TurbulenceFD, Creative Cloud, Figma, Webflow

Latest Projects

TikTok, Critters Toy Co, Bytedance, Lark, Channel, Poparazzi, Flipagram, Vice, The Standard Hotel, Royal Studios, Class Trade Show, Sophisticates United, Pacific Festival, Vestal, Roark, H. Lorenzo, Flaunt.