Critters Toy Co.

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Exploration, Creative Direction, Fashion

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Critters Toy Co.

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Project Overview

Critters is basically two dudes who didn't grow up in the surfing world who are constantly trying to bring a unique perspective to the sport. A wide array of functionality + aesthetics pushes the boundaries of what surfing can look like through a fresh lens. They reached out to me to collaborate on what the future of surfing could look like. Through creative exploration with "fun" being the metric for success, we ended up getting weird and making some wild shit.


The future of learning to surf in the metaverse allows you to get pitted in your brainz without having to take your shirt off.

Digital product with the utility to back it.

Physical Product

Forward thinking, controversial and open minded, Critters is your go to source for the most customizable boards on the planet. Pick your shape, size and even upload your own graphics and select from a rainbow of colors. The excitement you got when you entered a skateboard shop in the 90's has seamlessly crossed over into the surf world via Critter's offerings. The expression of this customizability got me thinking about extending the possibilities of their apparel line to match the progressive nature of what they are doing with their surf boards.

Digital Fashion

I took the current range of apparel the brand had to offer, and brought it into the digital space with texture and movement. The idea is that in the future, we can make the clothing either a physical utitlity purchase, or digital only option to rock in the metaverse.

This is just the beginning of the end.


The project proved to be successful. The renders are currently populated on the brand's website, and has aesthetically become infused into the brands visual DNA.


Together, we are continuing to explore a full digital fashion line, that extends to their hard goods as well. Be on the lookout for future drops. Surfing's about to get allot more interesting from here on out.


The End