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Project Overview

Over the last decade our feeds have become increasingly filled with edited, seemingly effortless perfection. When we post about ourselves, we naturally gravitate towards sharing only the most exciting moments in our life. We over-edit photos and write witty captions in an attempt to portray our best selves. The result: a competition for attention where nobody wins. The more we scroll, the more we feel like we don’t stack up. And so the cycle continues. Introducing Poparazzi - a new photo sharing app focused on preserving authentic moments with friends.

The brand team at Poparazzi reached out for help to bring to life their marketing site for the app.  The goal was to do something wild and expressive to get people hyped on the endless possibilities of this new product.


The Anti Selfie Selfie Club

The concept

An eclectic mix of genZ culture derived from Instagram, MTV, Supreme and Shopify mashed up with the binge watching of Euphoria starts to explain the magical nature of the app. It's really for those kids that smoke vapes and snap pictures of their friends going cray and doing cool shit.

To capture this vibe of overstimulation and saturation in a fun and expressive way, we decided to bring to life a character in an eye candied environment, tracking your scroll as you learn about the features and offerings of the app.


“Be your friends' poparazzi”.

Poparazzi is all about capturing life’s most authentic moments, instead of the staged ones.

It’s about hyping up your friends, instead of competing against them.

After all, life is a team sport and we’re all just hurling through space at an unimaginable speed. Let’s take the edge off.

Let's get it poppin'


The End