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An inclusive & diverse representation of the TikTok fam.

Project Overview

TikTok needed help bringing to life a visual representation of the inclusive & diverse workforce within their walls at HQ as well as the community on the platform. The goal was to develop stylized 3D characters & scenes that represented a wide aperture of people from all walks of life.

Use Case

It was an integral part of the assignment to not only embrace inclusivity & diversity, but take into consideration the global aspect of TikTok. Brand consistency across all platforms and localizations for respective demographics in regions of the Americas, Asia, and Europe were top priority.

The internal goal was to be able to use these characters across the globe and make sure all who walked through the front doors a TikTok HQ's felt welcomed. TikTok was also expanding rapidly and needed to ensure every effort to bring on new talent represented their commitment to diversity & inclusion. The TikTok characters would be the lead creative in attracting new talent.

Externally, these characters would represent the community on the platform, and be lveraged by the brand team in marketing campaigns to welcome all to join TikTok.

TikTok is fun, expressive & refreshingly inclusive + diverse. Everyone is welcome at TikTok.

I spearheaded the development by creating a range of 3D models that included characters, clothes, accessories, props, and scenes. I brought them to life in expressive animations that captured the high level energy of the TikTok culture.

This was the start, as we are consistently expanding new explorations of characters in a continual effort to make sure everyone from all over the globe feel comfortable & welcome in the TikTok fam.


The User Growth team leveraged the characters for ads on Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram & Linked In and were reported to be in the top percentile of best performing creative.


The character development had an overall positive impact on employee moral as it set the foundation for embracing the mission of the brand's commitment to inclusivity.


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