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Art Direction, Concept, 3D, Experiential

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Project Overview

TikTok needed help with content development for their brand new HQ in Los Angeles, California. They invested heavily in the latest and greatest LED panels available, and wanted to utilize them to their maximum potential. I worked closely with the manufacturer to hand select the best LED options to allow for larger than life creative. The overall goal was to bring this giant digital blank canvas to life with expansive creative to make peoples day as they entered the lobby.

TikTok North America HQ

“Interactive surfaces are the new blank canvas to unlock full creative expression".

The brief asked for all creative to embrace the new brand tagline, “Make your day”. As other social media apps bring you down the longer you spend on them, TikTok flips the script and actually gets better and better the more you watch, as it tunes to your interest over time. With an explosion of interest based content rapidly populating the app, it was apparent that diversity of content serve as the foundation for creative exploration.

Animating simple primitive shapes created a hypnotic visual that keeps visitors engaged as they wait for their meetings, ultimately uplifting an otherwise boring endeavor. Waiting is now fun.

A range of pacing of the animation was key. It was important to tell a visual story that adjusted speed, styles of content, dynamics, but always brought the brand identity into the mix as a through line across all creative. An example of this is how we used TikTok's core brand colors to create a squishy gradient slowly morphing over time.


Aside from integrating brand colors, and messaging, we wanted to incorporate the TikTok logo in a fun and expressive way that didn't feel too "brand heavy". Therefore, we explored variations of the logo mark such as this expanding and contracting neon music note.

The project launch proved successful, and we are working together regularly to update the expansive walls to continue to tell new stories over time.


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